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Here at Byrne Biodiversity we deliver successful results for all clients based on our knowledge, backed up by science and technical support.

We have been working closely with agronomists, horticulturists and researchers over many years to create the maximum potential a project can achieve.

Who We Help
  1. Private Clients
  2. Businesses / Companies
  3. Agricultural Sector
  1. County Councils
  2. Tidy Towns Groups
  3. Government Agencies


Our biodiversity farm has short therapeutic walks along with specialist training and workshops on a wide range of biodiversity platforms.

One common request from clients is how to establish and manage wildflower meadows and what works best for our pollinators.


Our workshops can be tailored to cover a broad range of specific subjects and enable attendees to leave with a practical knowledge and understanding of how to implement and approach any works.

Our farmland ecology days (pre booking required) are interesting and educational for all age groups.

School tours / third level college visits can be accomodated in small numbers in a safe environment and we adhere to government guidelines for the foreseeable future.

Other Information

We have a new office on site to accommodate knowledge transfer days and discussion groups, with bookings online only to meet client requirements.

The biodiversity farm is a living example of no use of chemicals or fertilisers to grow pollinator plots, wildflower meadows, native trees and hedgerows, with many species of birds present throughout the year.

The design and planning of biodiverse gardens in an urban or rural setting is often a feature of our work.